Spring 2020 Specials

Limited time only!

Spring 2020 Specials

The time is now, we have your place.

April 20, 2020


For Immediate Release:


At PCH we understand challenging times are afoot. COVID-19 has changed our lives significantly. Furthermore, it has affected how we make decisions, particularly one of the most important decisions, buying a home. Our team is always working to ensure the experience is safe, convenient, and valuable for those who work with us. We are here to help!


It is our mantra at PCH to deliver exceptionally priced inner-city homes with the features uniquely suited to you. But that isn’t enough during tough times. We hear you and are answering the call. We’ve got your back.


1. Upgrades all day: $20,000 on us.

We are affordable luxury. Our specialty is building homes that have your unique touch at an exceptional price. Buy one of the eleven homes in Table 1. and receive a $20,000 allowance on upgrades. Is the home completed? You can use the allowance towards Laundry or blinds, and we’ll put the difference toward reducing the sale price.

2. Live Large! 1 in 3 chance of winning!

The first three buyers will be entered into a lottery to win $2000/m for 12 months! To qualify, you must have a firm purchase agreement in place on one of the homes in Table 1.

3. We’ve got your back!

If you lose your job within 6 months of closing on your new home (Table 1), PCH will pay $2000/m towards your mortgage for 4 months!

During the last seven years, you have entrusted us to deliver your home, a safe and peaceful place to live. In uncertain times we will make good on this promise.

Yours Truly,



Gursharan Singh Pabla P.Eng MBA

CEO and Co-founder

Professional Custom Homes Ltd.

Table 1 – Homes Available

Terms and Conditions    

  1. Upgrades all day.

    • The offer applies to all homes in Table 1.

  2. Live Large:

    • Act now, the offer is only available on the first three homes sold!

    • Applies to the homes in Table 1.

    • Buyer must affirm the home will not be sold for 1 year after it closes

    • Payments will commence 1 month after closing and shall be paid every month until 12 payments have been completed.

    • This offer shall not be construed as an obligation

  3. We got your back!

    • Mortgage payment must be determined as $2000 x 4 m = $8000 total

    • Winners of ‘Live Large’ do not qualify for ‘We’ve got your back’

    • Upon losing their job, the buyer must submit a copy of the termination letter to build@prohomesab.com

    • PCH has the sole discretion to determined if a buyer qualifies for ‘We’ve got your back’.

  4. General – Applicable to all offers

    • Act now, offers expire end of day May 20, 2020. PCH may choose to extend one or all the offers mentioned herein.

      • A conditionally accepted offer must be in effect before the promotion’s expiry date of May 20, 2020 and conditions must be waived by June 15, 2020.

    • PCH reserves the right to reject or deny any of the offers mentioned herein.

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