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Professional Custom Homes develops sophisticated, affordable luxury inner-city homes to match the urban lifestyle of its clients. Each part of the client’s chic lifestyle is brought to life through precision selections, from stunning kitchens and breathtaking features to the meticulously drawn floor plans.  At Professional Custom Homes, we don’t just build homes, we create a chic lifestyle that completes your urban experience. Enhance your inner city lifestyle with the following advantages created specifically for you:


  1. Enjoy lively and exciting urban neighbourhoods, in a chic home that is in proximity to urban trails, hip restaurants and endless shopping options; 

  2. Focused on providing affordable luxury for our clients to enjoy and entertain in an atmosphere that will impress; 

  3. Convenience and peace of mind knowing we back our product through Progressive Home Warranty; and

  4. A quality home that you will enjoy for years to come!


These are a few of the many advantages provided when you choose Professional Custom Homes. 

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